I was so excited to visit the Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy! The Vatican is the smallest and independent city in Rome. It has an area approximately 44 hectares and a population of just over 800! 

A LOT of people visit the Vatican Museum every day! The lines were super long! Look! The people were already lining up OUTSIDE.. Luckily, I’m with a tour group. NO LINES!  :)

Yay! Got my ticket and was able to go inside. It was fast! 

The majestic paintings everywhere! People before were really talented painters! 

One of the paintings that AMAZED everyone. Embossed or not?

Well… it’s for you to find out!  :) 

The middle balcony is where the Pope delivers his speech. :) 

Posing at the Vatican. A lot of chairs were placed outside for people to sit when they listen to the Pope’s speech. Such a nice day! The sun is shining brightly! :) 

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Here’s RIBE Brasserie Cafe and Restaurant located near my hotel and the Eiffel Tower.

Almost all cafes and restaurants in Paris are facing the streets. So when I stayed in Paris, I made sure to eat at their cafe’s / restraurants along the streets!  It’s been their practice for a long time.  You sit outside the cafe,  “watch people” and eat your lunch.  It’s nice to observe different kinds of people once in a while. :)

I advise you to eat slowly and observe. It’s fun and relaxing!:)

This is me with the waitress! She’s so friendly! Thank you for being kind! She really made sure my Parisian Food Adventure is unforgettable. YUP, unforgettable moment: I WAS SO FULL.  In return I gave her a big tip! :)

I chose Les Formules Du Ribe wherein I could choose 1 Entrée + 1 Plat + 1 Dessert: 

Ohhhh.. french bread to start with! I love it! 

Entrée: Soupe Gratinée ~ Gratined Onion Soup

It’s delicious though kinda salty. I enjoyed the overflowing mozarella! As you can see, it has LOTS of french bread too!

I was full with this Entrée already!Maybe next time, I could just order this one without Plats and Dessert! haha!

Plats ~ Demi -Coquelet Rôti à l’Estragon ~ Grilled Chicken with Tarragon sauce

The grilled chicken was tasty but dry, good thing it goes with a yummy Tarragon sauce.

Dessert ~ Mousse au Chocolat ~ Chocolate Mousse

YUM. ’nuff said.  

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PARIS, France is famously called “La Ville-Lumière” or the City of Light. It’s one of the top tourist destinations of all time. A lot of people’s dream is to visit Paris. That’s my dream too! And it was fulfilled this year. It was indeed God’s blessing to me!

When I was in Paris, I joined a tour group simply because it makes traveling easier! You just hop on the tour bus and you’re good to go! They’ll bring you to the different famous places around the metro plus a tour guide sharing the history of that place. If you’re into photography and wants to be immersed in their culture, opt for a leisurely tour. You get to plan your own itinerary in the afternoon and in the evening. OR if you have lots of money to spare, you may join the additional tours prepared by the tour company.


Hotel Du Louvre. Nope, I didn’t stay here, though I would want to. (I think this is one of the most expensive hotels there) This hotel  is located near the famous LOUVRE museum. It is so close that exhibits can be observed from the windows in some of the rooms and suites! Imagine that! A telescope might be handy too! Uhh, I mean “bulky” too.

I love this shot! The Biker at the Louvre. I would want to bike around too! :)

The Louvre is an ancient building. Today, The Louvre houses an amazing museum of art, where you can see the famous “Mona Lisa” and other important art work. Our tour guide told us that if you look at a painting and study it for exactly 3 minutes, then you move on to the next one… it will take you 8 years to finish the whole museum!!!! EIGHT YEARS!!! OH MY! That’s how HUGE the museum is!

Another perk of joining a tour group: there’s NO LINE. Priorities will be given to you and your tour guide will be responsible to get your tickets and so on. Thanks to our hard working tour guides! :)

Isn’t the Louvre a sight to behold? My jaw dropped by its beauty! =O I waited for the sky to darken. I waited for 3 hours!!!! I recently discovered that Paris’ sunset is late! So late. But it was all worth it. I was able to meet new friends and even saw a man wearing boots and he started picking coins in the fountain!!!! I wasn’t sure if he was a Louvre worker tasked to pick the coins every night. Well maybe not,  tourists were all staring at him, but he continued on anyway.

At last, Louvre in the evening! Loving the water reflection! I took this shot without a tripod! YAY! (No shaky hands!) It’s already 11:30 in the evening and I was in a hurry. *rushing back to the hotel*

Created a heart using a cellphone flashlight! I love the Louvre! Will definitely go back! <3

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