I was so excited to visit the Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy! The Vatican is the smallest and independent city in Rome. It has an area approximately 44 hectares and a population of just over 800! 

A LOT of people visit the Vatican Museum every day! The lines were super long! Look! The people were already lining up OUTSIDE.. Luckily, I’m with a tour group. NO LINES!  :)

Yay! Got my ticket and was able to go inside. It was fast! 

The majestic paintings everywhere! People before were really talented painters! 

One of the paintings that AMAZED everyone. Embossed or not?

Well… it’s for you to find out!  :) 

The middle balcony is where the Pope delivers his speech. :) 

Posing at the Vatican. A lot of chairs were placed outside for people to sit when they listen to the Pope’s speech. Such a nice day! The sun is shining brightly! :) 

(Source: itravelwithmyheart)